So my family and I have decided to do a 21-day challenge together, where we each give up something(s) and replace them with something healthier, and set a goal for what we would like to accomplish by completing this challenge. Today was our first day.
For my personal challenge, I decided to give up soda, since I know it’s unhealthy and I drink quite a bit of it. I’m hoping that this will help me to drink more water and encourage me to limit my soda intake after this challenge is over. 

I also decided to give up social media (minus my blog, since I don’t necessarily consider that “social media” as its more my personal journaling outlet). I plan on taking the time I normally spend on social media doing other things like reading or spending time with family. We are a media-driven society, and sometimes it can turn our attention from the things in life that are truly important. So I think it’ll be a good thing to take a break from it and focus on the more important things in life. 

Day one down, twenty more to go!