a person of uncouth or unconventional habits, attitudes, etc., especially one considered a menace, nuisance or the like.

Mini edible greens: day two

Already sprouting! 

Prompt: Survival

The dunes seemed to go on forever. Ava felt hot just looking at the endless expanse of sun-beaten sand as the shuttlecraft descended rapidly down toward the planet’s surface. This was no place for … Source: Prompt: Survival

Mini Edible Greens: Day One

On loss

In the past 6 months, I have been to three vastly different funerals. It should have been four funerals, but due to circumstances, I wasn't able to attend my uncle Bob's services. It's fascinating to me how people from different... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

From me and mine to you and yours!

Early morning thoughts

It's funny, we came to the cabin so I could rest, and I still was wide awake in the middle of the night and up early. There is a difference though; I feel more rested than I do at home.... Continue Reading →

Will you be my Valentine? 

Today my Valentine brought me flowers to work!


Man, what a hectic day. Fridays are the one day when I don’t have to be in the office until 2pm. Normally I have my women’s get- togethers, but a few weeks ago there were two weeks in a row... Continue Reading →

Robert F. Guglielmo (07/10/1929-01/30/2016)

Robert "Big Bob" F. Guglielmo, 86 years old of Tucson, AZ died on Saturday 7:11 p.m., January 30, 2016. Bob lived large. He was gregarious, living a life full of love and adventure. He died peacefully of natural causes in... Continue Reading →

The end of our family challenge

Well, the 21-day challenge came to an end with the setting of the sun yesterday. It went by surprisingly fast, and I must say that I do feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that not once did I cheat and... Continue Reading →

A drawing I did of Pikachu.

Art by Flow

Here is my first drawing with my prismacolor soft core colored pencils in my new Strathmore tan-toned paper sketchbook.

Step 1. Reference

Step 2. Sketch with pencil

Step 3. Outline in black ink

Step 4. Erase pencil marks

Step 5. Start coloring!

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My heart breaks for you.

Tonight my uncle Bob, my dad's eldest brother, passed away. I called and spoke to my pops, and he was so broken on the phone. It was hard to hear his voice cracking, to hear him at a loss for... Continue Reading →

The sleepy puppy has claimed my bed as his own.

21-Day Challenge

So my family and I have decided to do a 21-day challenge together, where we each give up something(s) and replace them with something healthier, and set a goal for what we would like to accomplish by completing this challenge.... Continue Reading →

My handsome guy


Well, this is mg first entry for this new year. I had meant to write sooner than now, but it's been a busy 7 days, so it didn't happen. I took today off work to rest and to get some... Continue Reading →

Late night selfie

All tucked in after a warm bath and ready for bed. 

Manic Monday

It's been a hectic day already, and it's only lunchtime. I woke up early, around 9:30am, early considering the fact that I have absolutely nothing to do today. I had two strange dreams, both dealing with church, which was new... Continue Reading →

The Day After Christmas, Part 2

Mosha and I were finally able to smooth things over during our car ride home. The snow storm was pretty bad, and I will admit that I was terrified. I don't have 4-wheel drive in my SUV, and neither Mosha... Continue Reading →

The Day After Christmas, Part 1

Woke up today to a full blanket of snow! Slightly nervous for how this will affect our drive home, but also kind of excited for the awesome view! 

Christmas Doesn’t Always Equate to Cheer

I guess this is how Christmas will end, with me sleeping alone downstairs and you upstairs, stewing over something that you think is my fault, when it's completely out of my control. I wish that when it came to your... Continue Reading →

Milo’s First Snow

This Christmas we woke up to snow! Needless to say, Milo is in love with it.      

Christmas Morning Breakfast

Fresh fruit, quiche and pancakes.  

An email to my brother

I'm not sure if this will come through or not since my emails before were not working, but I'm praying it does. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I wish you were here with us and the... Continue Reading →

Presents time!

We have a tradition in our family where we stay up till midnight on Christmas Eve and then have our White Elephant Gift Exchange, open our gifts and stockings. Here are some of the photos from this year. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Peeing in the Snow

We pulled over to play in the snow on the way up to my parents' place since we weren't sure if there would be snow stuck to the ground at their house. It was Milo's first time in the snow... Continue Reading →

I've missed leisurely reading. 

Finally done!

Today, I took my last final exam of law school. I was surprised by Mosha with cake when I got home!! What a sweetheart.  

Shadows | Part One

Introduction of a new story I’m writing. I’m currently reading Frank Peretti’s “This Present Darkness” and was inspired to start writing. It’ll be interesting to see where this ends up.

Art by Flow


A storm was coming. Gray clouds swept across the sky, stealing light from moon and stars alike. With the clouds came the Shadows. From the frozen north they rode the wild winds, surging across the barren lands, above the tumultous sea, over the jagged peaks. A dark swarm filled with malice. At the foot of the mountains they paused; they were summoned.

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Beaming with pride.

I am so proud of Mosha for his accomplishment. His journey was arduous, but he never faltered. My hero and inspiration.  

Handmade Fall Cards

These are handmade cards I made last month, but I never got around to posting pictures of them. Materials: Card stock Distress ink Stamps Embossing powder Heat tool Twine Button Watercolor inks Paintbrush Glue Textured paper (for the pumpkin)  Fall... Continue Reading →

Christmas Decorative Block

Materials: Wood block, sanded Black chalkboard paint Decorative card stock or scrapbook paper Glue

Jack Frost

This is a snowman decoration I made this evening. Materials: Styrofoam — for head, body and feet Red felt — for scarf and mittens Black felt — for hat Small piece of garland — for Christmas tree Sticks (3) —... Continue Reading →

To my fellow clam jammer…

I am grateful that our paths crossed. You have had such a positive influence on me. Friends like you are rare. You remind me of Black Opal, intriguing, unique, and the most valuable of its kind. (What are the odds... Continue Reading →


You support justice because it is a fundamental right, because perpetuating injustice is intrinsically wrong, no matter who the beneficiary or the victim is. That's just a basic ethical duty. The oppressed do not "earn" justice by mounting a sufficiently... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, I just don't understand you. I don't know why God made you the way you are, I don't get your thought process, and I don't see how you don't comprehend what I'm saying to you.  It doesn't seem serious on... Continue Reading →

Enjoy this old poem. Circa October 2013.

Art by Flow

A/N: This is an old poem I wrote back in October of 2013. It is one of the older poems that I will be posting here in an effort to get all of my original poetry in one place, rather than scattered in various journals or notes in my phone. Enjoy.

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My Former Life (Part 1)

I was reminiscing with my good friend Rara (you can follow her blog here), and during the course of our conversation, she sent me a short video of a lion cub giving a human a hug. It reminded me of... Continue Reading →

Late night security.

Nikki & Milo -- poor things -- guarding my walkway even at this late hour, as I, like most law interns do, stay up late on a holiday weekend working.  

Dia de Gracias

Today was a good day. It started with being able to sleep in until 9am. I was still tired and sluggish from the night before (we stayed up playing Hand & Foot with the Finches until about 2am), but I... Continue Reading →

"I hate funerals." I couldn't agree more with D. I get this weird feeling in my stomach, laced with anxiety. I fretted over what to wear, then settled for standard lawyer's work attire: black slacks, a cinched creme top, paired... Continue Reading →

Eyes on the Prize

So it's really late, and I’m tired. I have a long day tomorrow; it's the day that I spend most of it at the Never Again Foundation for my internship, then I have to go straight from there to my... Continue Reading →

Our thoughts of God are usually very small, while our thoughts of ourselves are usually very large.

Ted Ensley Gardens | 09.07.15

Back in September, D and I had the privilege of attending Ben & Laura's wedding in Kansas. The last day of our trip, we had time to kill before our flight. We were able to visit the Ted Ensley Gardens,... Continue Reading →



I went on a wild hunt for my collection of stamps and my embossing heat tool, which led to me pulling out all of the Christmas decorations and putting them up. I'm missing some...particularly a set of moose stuffed animals... Continue Reading →


A Writer’s Block (Literally)

Some days are harder than others. Some days, the words flow freely from my mind through my fingertips into my computer, and other days I sit in front of the screen, a million thoughts flowing through my head, not quite... Continue Reading →

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