Stem Cell Transplant — Complete!

An update for everyone —

I received my stem cell transplant today. It was a rather grueling day: seven straight hours hooked up to various machines getting pumped full of different medicines and eventually, someone else’s blood. But, thankfully, it is over, and procedurally, everything went well. Now we wait to see if my body takes the donor’s cells as my own, which can take anywhere between a few weeks to a year, but hopefully we will begin to see something within a month and a half to two months. For now, I am being watched for the next 48 hours around the clock, and I have daily checkups with my cancer team until further notice.

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An email to my brother

I’m not sure if this will come through or not since my emails before were not working, but I’m praying it does.

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I wish you were here with us and the family. It’s never the same without you, and I always remember the last Christmas we had together when you surprised me with a stack of presents. I miss seeing your face and being able to hug you and tease one another. I miss my brother.

Whatever you choose to do today, I want you to know that you have a sister who is thinking of you and a God who is with you, right by your side.

I love you, Brotherface.